Deerlick Park - Douglasville, Georgia

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Deerlick Park - Douglasville, Georgia Empty Deerlick Park - Douglasville, Georgia

Post  Drake N Bake on Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:35 am

The course reminds me of Jack McLean in Tallahassee. It has a little more relief in the fact that most of the fairways are actually clear, though still tight. Every few holes there is a little breathing room and a chance to relax, but it can get aggravating with several throw and pray holes near the middle. Overall it was a fun course, but if you're going to make the drive up to the Atlanta area I would recommended going to White Oak (which is only 15 minutes away), East Roswell Park, or Central Park. Lots of blind holes too, if you don't have the course map or a guide, you will not make it through the first five holes.
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